(auto) Biography

 I grew up in suburbia Nashville, Tennessee, graduating from Harpeth Hall, an all-girls college prep school.  Then attended Florida Southern  College and transferred to Memphis College of Art to begin as a freshman again and studied to earn a BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) majoring in Painting.  I received a scholarship for graduate school to Cornell University to receive a MFA (Master in Fine Arts) in Painting.  There I met a larger, diverse world of passionate students eager to learn about their chosen professions.  The energy was palpable.  The pressure incredible.  I felt my work was stifled.

While at Cornell, I also fell in love with Nels.  We married, lived in tiny East Pembroke, New York, and worked the family farm together.  I would spend the mornings in my art studio, then walk a mile to the farm to work for the afternoon or into the evening.  At that time, work consisted of milking 1-3 cows by hand and raising one hundred acres of crops.  I also had a nice flock of chickens.  I tried to keep up with Nels and his brother Benny, switching off 4:30 am chores, fitting fields and growing food for the cows and ourselves.  I learned so much during my tenure at the farm and it has served me well in years since.  To leave my suburban childhood and protected college environment and enter a harsh, beautiful, battling world of nature was invigorating.

Nels and I had two girls, Chelsea and Hannah, and eventually decided to move to Nashville.   I was lucky enough to land a job at the Parthenon Museum and after a few years began working in a curatorial capacity.  To this job, I brought the aesthetic values of an artist and all the practical information I accumulated from farming.  Creating a good exhibit is an awful lot like making a good picture or any farm project.  Since 1994, I have had the opportunity to curate or co-curate almost seventy shows in the museum spaces.   My personal life has seen some misfortunes over the years and at times my production has waned.  But life never seems right if I don't have something on my drawing table.  And I plan on working through all the time that remains.

Thank you so much for checking out my work.

At Memphis College of Art,.(then  Memphis Academy of Art), circa 1980   

At Memphis College of Art,.(then  Memphis Academy of Art), circa 1980