1983- M.F.A. Painting, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY

1981- B.F.A. Painting, Memphis College of Art, Memphis, TN

1975-1977 Florida Southern College, Lakeland, FL




Curator, Parthenon Museum, Centennial Park, Nashville, TN

-overseeing two galleries, 3-5 shows per year and permanent collection


Family Farm, East Pembroke, NY

-milking cows, animal care, plowing, fitting, harvesting 100 acres of hay, corn & oats




1983 Olive Tjaden Gallery, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY

1981 Leu Gallery, Belmont University, Nashville, TN



1998 The Parthenon, Nashville, TN

1990 Alumnae Invitational, Memphis College of Art, Memphis, TN

1982 Cumberland Gallery, Nashville, TN



2018 We Wear the Mask, Hiram Van Gordon Gallery, Tennessee State University

2003 Small Packages 9 Cumberland Gallery, Nashville, TN

2001 Small Packages 7 Cumberland Gallery, Nashville, TN, Best of Tennessee, Tennessee State Museum, Nashville, TN

2000 Small Packages 6 Cumberland Gallery, Nashville, TN, 20th Anniversary Exhibit Cumberland Gallery, Nashville, TN

1999 Small Packages 5 Cumberland Gallery Nashville, TN

1998 Small Packages4 Cumberland Gallery, Nashville, TN

1997 Small Packages3 Cumberland Gallery, Nashville, TN, Abstraction Invitational Cumberland Gallery, Nashville, TN

1996 Small Packages 2 Cumberland Gallery, Memphis, TN, Christmas Tree Ornaments, Ledbetter Lusk Gallery, Memphis, Works on Paper Ledbetter Lusk Gallery, Memphis, TN, Introductions, Cumberland Gallery, Nashville, TN

1995 Small Packages Cumberland Gallery, Nashville, TN

1994 Galleries Committed to Excellence Tower Gallery, SUNY at Brockport, NY

1993 Celebrating twenty-five Years Shoestring Gallery, Rochester, NY

1986 Artists’ Liaison Competition Design Center of Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA,  Hoyt National Drawing and Painting Show Hoyt Institute of Fine Arts, New Castle, PA -Hoyt Institute Cash Award., Second National Juried Show Gallery Sixty-Eight, Belfast, ME , Fifth Annual Competition Museum of the Hudson Highlands, Cornwall-on-Hudson, NY, Schoharie National Small Works Exhibition Schoharie Arts Council Inc., Cobleskill, NY, AAUW National Art Mart American Association of University Women, Greeley, CO, Arlington Art Association Annual Juried Exhibition Arlington Art Association, Arlington, TX-Sunbelt Savings Award., Fourth Annual Maine/Maritime Flatwork Exhibition University of Maine at Presque Isle, ME

1985 1985 Stockton National Third Print and Drawing Exhibition Stockton Arts Commission, Stockton, CA, 1985 SPAR National Art Exhibition Shreveport National Arts Council, Shreveport, LA, Fifth Annual Faber Birren Color Award Show Stamford Art Association, Stamford, Connecticut.

Recent American Works on Paper Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition, Various locations in United States and India 1985-1987, Third National Color Show-Yellow 1985 Castle Gallery, Billings, MO, Merit Award, Second International Exhibition  Ariel Gallery, New York, NY, National Small Works Exhibition Schoharie, Arts Council, Inc., Cobleskill, NY, National Small Image and Object Exhibition 100% REALART, Spokane, WA

1984 The Body and Its Functions Nexus Contemporary Arts Center, Atlanta, GA, International Arts Competition Los Angeles, CA, The Arts in the Park Festival Brooks Museum of Art, Memphis, TN

gallery lady




Linda Derosset

Linda, from Clarksville, TN, created moving pictures by cutting her photographs and reapplying in a slightly different form.

Dennis Sweeney

Painter from Nashville

Chip Herbert

Nashville painter



R. Lafayette Mitchell, co-curator with Lila Hall

Painter from Nashville

Gregory Maiofis

Painter from Russia. Catalog created for exhibit.

Simin Vafaie

Photographer from Iraq,  relocated to Nashville. Simin would choose a region of the world, study about it, then travel there alone for as long as six weeks to envelope herself in the culture and people,documenting as she traveled.



David Knudston

Nashville carpenter and sculptor who made curving wood structures  that defied the limits of the material.

Winslow Homer: An American Genius at the Parthenon

This exhibition followed Homer (Maine) throughout his career beginning with a large collection of his woodcuts loaned from an anonymous collector, highlighting 1875 oil, Rab and the Girls, in the museum’s collection and emphasizing Homer’s move towards abstraction as the painter neared the end of his life and America was on the verge of viewing the 1913 Armory Show.catalog

Gail Maxwell

Wedding photographer from Chicago with a black & white series



Barbara Jaffe: DARK SUN

NYC photographer who produced large reverse (negative) pictures

M. Kathryn Massey

Still-life paintings in a delicate classical style, Nashville artist

Robin Conover  

Nashville photographer of Radnor Lake

George Rouault, co-curator Wesley Paine

Collection of Rouault's Miserere Series prints (1948)discovered at Sewanee University and exhibited together.  There were sixty-five prints from ink on paper originals, re-worked in intaglio and other print methods.

Don Gilbert

Nashville painter, illustrated The Iliad

Anna Jaap

Popular mono-print painter, who began adramatic shift inthis show into abstract delicate mixed-media painting she produces currently; from Nashville.

Ellen Spicer 

Nashville photographer and poet



A Collaborative  Installation:  Adrienne Outlaw & Terry Thacker

A Passion for Paint: Willie Betty Newman (1863-1935)

Willie Betty Newman was born near Nashville, at the height of the Civil War and studied in and lived in Paris, but returned to Nashville to live as a celebrity painter.

Candy Ferrell

Paintings by Nashville landscape artist

Faith Shafran

NYC painter relocated to Nashville, soft color ethereal landscapes

Beyond Black & White: Felix Maxwell

 Imaginative self-portrait drawings, artist from middle Tennessee



Marleen De Waele-de Bock 

Relocated from Belgium, Nashville area painter showed primarily work from her experience in Africa

Seeing Landscape: new paintings by Budd Harris Bishop

Retired museum director moved to Livingston, TN and created  watercolor landscapes

Natural Balance: paintings by Ginna Priest

Mixed-media drawings of groundscape

Catfish Out of Water, co-curator Wesley Paine

A Nashville-wide project in which artists submitted drawings for their proposals in a competition to decorate a limited number of fiberglass catfish sculptures placed around the city.

George Grace

Urban life painter from Buffalo, NY

Cumberland Furniture Guild, juror & co-curator with Lila Hall

Newly formed group of woodworkers had their first juried show of furniture

Matthew Foster, co-curator with Lila Hall 

Nashville sculptor of alabaster stone



Simin Soroush, co-curator Lila Hall  

Photographer from Iraq,  relocated to Nashville.  Simin would choose a region of the world, study about it, then travel there alone for as long as six weeks to envelope herself in the culture and people,documenting as she traveled.

John Woodrow  Kelley: Greek Mythology Now

John (Knoxville, TN & NYC)created large paintings based on the ancient Greek myths.  The subjects wore period clothing, yet appeared to be modern day in origin. catalog


Taj, was born inPersia, and relocated to Nashville.    He created a series of mandelas referred to in Sanskrit as “a sacred circle”.

Inside the Olympics, co-curator Kristina Arnold

This exhibit contained many curios including; a wall of pins and souvenirs, a bronze medal, Olympic photography, paintings from invited artists to symbolize each sport and other items.  The thesis was to weave a connection between the origin of the games in Greece and the modern festivities.

Lisa Ernst: A Study of Nature's Brevity

This Nashville artist painted large floral and fruit subjects while being acutely aware of the memento mori of all that lives.



Margaret Roberts  

Nashville-based self-taught primitive painter

Mildred Jarrett

A corporate business woman who painted like an Abstract Expressionist

Phyllis Hailey & Joan Mitchell:  The Story of Two Artists in France

Nashville artist, Phyllis Hailey, living and painting in France was friends with Abstract Expressionist, Joan Mitchell before Hailey was killed at age 32 in a car accident.  The year was 1972.  In 1991, Joan Mitchell painted a large painting, A Tree for Phyllis just before her own death the following year.  Due to the internet, author Patricia Albers became aware of Phyllis and her family and they were included in her biography Joan Mitchell: Lady Painter:A Life, published in 2006. catalog

Zev Goering

Modern furniture

Carlton Wilkinson: Coming Home, A Retrospective

Carlton's (Nashville) work had long centered on the beauty of the African-American male in his black and white photography work.  In it was his effort to show ethnicity and race with new eyes. catalog

Nick Long: Silent Collaborations

Nick, from Thompson Station, exhibited large realistic drawings of natural still-lifes that he happened upon in his travels.



Elizabeth Papousek 

Fisk University (Nashville) mathematics professor who showed negative black & white photography

Lola White 

Nashville photographer and poet

THE TOY CAMERA: Marianne Bevil, Bob Delevante & Rebekah Pope

Three Nashville photographers who each showed work made with a Holga camera, also known as a toy camera.



The Quiet World: Stacey Irvin, co-curator, Brenna Cothran

Nashville photographer exhibited her images from China and Montana that were visually similar though culturally and physically, a world apart.

Dan Quest: The Carrillo Collection, co-curator, Brenna Cothran

In the 1970s when a visitor toured JackDaniels Distillery, they were given a complimentary woodcut print by Dan Quest.  The prints have since become collector items.   The Carrillos have acquired a copy of almost each quaint print issued in their collection.

Tony Teal: A Nashville Neighborhood, co-curator, Brenna Cothran

Tony showed paintings of his East Nashville neighborhood accompanied by portraits of his neighbors.

John HungHa: Legend of Koi, co-curator, Brenna Cothran

Formerly of Nashville, John HungHa(NYC)  Created very large bright paintings of koi fish and other classic traditional Chinese imagery.



Gravity &  Merit: Victoria Boone,co-curator, Brenna Cothran

Nashville artist Victoria Boone created a secret language as a teenager to write in her diary.  That was the very beginning of her painted images that developed into shapes that imitate letters and words.

The Abundance Series: Marla Faith, co-curator, Brenna Cothran

This series of paintings depicted diverse women of Nashville. Marla infused her Asian understanding in confidently colorful and spiritually rich images. She linked organic items with her human subjects to draw attention to the connection of women with the earth.

Kathy Girdler Engler: The Natural Preservation of Form, co-curator, Brenna Cothran

Kathy used paper pulpand found objects to createthe textures and broken forms of ancient sculptures that look as if they had been lifted from an archaeological dig, bringing with them the sedimentation of centuries.

William Rosen: A Katrina Room, co-curator, Brenna Cothran

A small installation of utilizing large interior and exterior photographs of the Rosen household after the 2005 hurricane ran over New Orleans.  The family escaped, but Bill and his daughter returned to find complete devastation.



Susan McGrew: The Fiery Gizzard Series

Susan painted large images of the Fiery Gizzard area around Monteagle,TN focusing on the rugged landscape of this protected region.



Deneen Coleman-Ruff: TESTIMONY

This self-taught Nashville artist shared her faith, friends & family in mixed-mediums.

Women in Mythology,   Rachael McCampbell

Rachel lives in nearby Leiper's Fork. Her exhibit concentrated on large paintings of the women in Greek mythology.   During the run of the show she painted a diptych on display in the East Gallery.

Cartagena Memories: Jorge Yances

Now a Nashville painter, Jorge returned to his birthplace and created paintings full of spirits and mystery that can only be found in such an ancient place.  In true fashion, hid them front and center of the picture plane.

Lisa Rivas

Lisa is a Nashville artist, originally from Venezuela, who created complicated natural formed pattern paintings on her computer.

Tamara Reynolds   Nashville's Soul: Images of the Sacred

Tamara, a Nashville-based commercial photographer traveled around the city for a year and photographed the diversity of spirituality.  She exhibited twenty-six black and white images.



Purlieu: Anne Williams & Sharon Charney

Anne and Sharon both live in a neighborhood that borders a thick protected forest just outside the city of Nashville.  Each artist painted her vision of that world.



Bill Killebrew: Distilled Accumulations

This exhibit included eight very large o/c, the largest being a fourteen foot triptych. Inspired by artists such as Vuillard or Bonnard, Bill depicts all that is familiar; his daily life and the people around him in it.  Four of the paintings follow one day. Bill commissioned a young composer, Rachel Dafoe Fogerty to compose a suite for quartet about those paintings. We put out qr codes that linked to youtube, so visitors could listen to the original composition as they viewed the images that inspired them.



Etruscan Echos: Tanya Tewell

Tanya Tewell, painting professor at MTSU also spent summers painting in Italy. She was particularly interested in the small unkempt churches that were crumbling down; combined with all that is mystical and symbolic.

Paul Lancaster: A World of his Own

Self-taught 83 year old Nashville artist never given a one person show in Tennessee.  He  was employed for many years at a local frame shop where he produced etchings, watercolors and drawings for their frames.  In the evenings, he would paint fanciful paintings on a number of repeated subjects; exotic girls, butterflies, angels, trees. This exhibit concentrated on Paul’s edgier work and came from dealer, Grey Carter (DC) and two collectors from the area as well as collectors from the Nashville area.

KRISTIN LLAMAS: The Socratic Dialogues

Preparation began a year before with a  series of community discussions each addressing one Socratic question; What is Beauty?, What is Justice?, and so forth.  Nashville artist, Kristin Llamas, took notes and created twelve trompe-l'œil paintings addressing each question through an event generated metaphor.



FLEX IT! My Body My Temple, co-curator with Adrienne Outlaw, artist residencies  & exhibit

A social practice exhibit whose thesis was reversing obesity and discussing healthy living.  Artists were invited and selected from an international call.  Participants were: Bryan Leister & Becky Heavner (Denver, CO); Susan O’ Malley (Berkeley, CA); Adrienne Outlaw (Nashville, TN); Leung Mee Ping (Hong Kong); Nicole Cormaci (Portland, OR); PUBLIC DOORS & WINDOWS, Harrell Fletcher, Megan Sherman, Nolan Calisch (Portland, OR); and Moira Williams (Brooklyn, NY). Catalog created for exhibit.



WAR WOUNDS: paintings by Dane Carder

Nashville artist painted large portraits of photograph originals by Reed Bontecou, Civil War surgeon taken 1863-1866 of his patients, mostly amputees.  The portraits demonstrate the immense  loss physically and emotionally that the war took on the soldiers who survived. Carder includes four large images of popular 1863 wallpaper to remember the loss of families left at home.  Thisexhibit will be up as we reflect on the 150th anniversary of the end of the Civil War onApril 9, 2015.



Katherine Ace: GRIMMS' TALES

Co-curated with Mark Medley, we chose from Katherine Ace's copious supply of wonderful work, to concentrate on the Grimms' works based on the first 1812 edition.  We painted the gallery purple and yellow and it worked well with these highly charged and, intensely symbolic paintings.  We included a great deal of text and still the public was very engaged.  It was quite a popular show.


2600 WEST END AVE: images of centennial park from the twentieth century

Again teaming up with colleague Mark Medley, we chose postcards, enlarged postcards all through the century, enlarged postcards, enlarged photographs and two videos. One video remembered the long standing Christmas season  nativity scene and the other reminded us the sad outcomes of Jim Crow laws and the government's solution to integration as related to the Centennial Park pool.



JERRY ATNIP:  GONE SOUTH, May6- August 27, 2017

Formal sepia-toned photographs that illustrate both humans intterest interest in controllinfing nature and their ineffectiveness at doing so=nature always wins out.  Atnip is a commercial photographer who travels the world shooting picture, based out of Nashville.



Cocuratedwithyoungcurator,CourtneyAdairJohnson,thisexhibithascontemporaryartistscccccc'fAmerican paintings.  



Todd Greene, a Nashville painter went to an art residency in 2004, and met D.C. composer, Dina Kostin. They became friends that summer, Once they parted ways, a few Christmas cards were exchanged. but that soon dwindled. Six years later, Greene was contacted by his friend’s attorney: she had left him a great portion of her art collection. The Parthenon will be exhibiting thirty-five works, nearly the entire collection which has never been seen publicly.. Co-Curating with Emily Wehby.




(20) mixed media drawings for CSArt, Nashville, TN

Community-Supported Art (CSArt) Nashville is a yearly art subscription service of locally produced art. Much like community supported agriculture, in which shareholders invest in a local farm and receive a monthly payout of fruits and vegetables, CSA Nashville asks shareholders to invest directly in the arts community with a “buy local” mentality. The program offers a reasonably priced way to support Nashville and regional artists and receive limited edition contemporary artist projects in return.


Painted Tennessee State Seal Chancery Court, Nashville, TN

1984 (50) holiday cards for Cumberland Gallery



Hospital Corporation of America, Nashville, TN

National American Industries, Marco Island, FL

Memphis Business Interiors, Memphis, TN

Opryland Hotel, Nashville, TN

Tennessee Telco Credit Union, South Central Bell Headquarters, Nashville, TN

Third National Bank, Nashville, TN



Tennessee State Museum, Nashville, TN


Society of Nashville Artistic Photographers (SNAP) spring exhibit 2019


Pollock-Krasner Grant, 1985-86



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